Fancy Visiting Thailand off the Beaten Track?   

Fancy Visiting Thailand off the Beaten Track?  

Tourism is so overrated these days, don’t you find? Every resort seems to offer the same things, and even though destinations are subtly different, crowds easily put me off, meaning I can’t get out and see things without bumping into people, and I can’t explore the culture or way of life because it’s becoming so westernised.

This is what most people dislike about Thailand, the fact it’s losing a lot of its original charm, however despite that, there are plenty of places within the country which have managed to cling onto that charm, and this is why I believe heading off the beaten track could yield many rewards.

I can totally understand why some people may find travelling away from renowned tourist destinations quite daunting, but even the most remote areas are generally people-friendly provided you respect cultures and customs, and you’re polite at all times.

If you like the idea of discovering the true Thai way of life, and the ‘real’ Thailand, see if any of my suggestions jump out at the traveller in you.

Hua Hin

Now, this is not strictly speaking remote, but it’s not that touristy, which is why I have included it on our list. For someone who wants to explore but doesn’t want to trek for miles away from the usual line, this is a good middle ground. Hua Hin is Thailand’s oldest beach resort, and is situated only three miles away from Bangkok. You’ll find locals head here for a few day away from the city, and the resort has managed to keep its old fishing village charm. Despite the beautiful beaches, you’ll also find mountainous terrain and jungles to explore, with a real authentic way of life.

Koh Lanta

This is an island that is very synonymous of how Koh Samui used to be before the tourists came. Unspoilt, idyllic, totally peaceful, and the further south you go, the more beautiful it gets. Natural beauty is the order of the day here, floating in the calm Andaman Sea. You’ll find those castaway beaches you dream of, jungles, waterfalls, and caves to explore. Perfect for tranquillity.


Whilst this is off the tourist trail, and is really a case of discovering real Thailand, this is a popular stop off for those wanting to get away from said trail. Again, locals head here for weekends away, and there is plenty to see and do, with Wat Wang Wiwekaram a must visit – a temple that will blow your mind. The Three Pagodas Pass also boasts a waterfall that will make your eyes bulge with disbelief.


I keep saying the word ‘unspoilt’ but that’s the only way to truly describe these places. Khanom is quiet, and is a traditional Thai fishing village which boasts beautiful beaches. Khanom Bay is where the most tourist ways are found, but even there it’s very minimal. A hike up Dat Fa Mountain is a must do for scenery, as well as visiting the Wednesday market for a bit of fresh fish for dinner.

Getting off the tourist trail is rewarding, don’t you find?

Photo Credit: melenama

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