How to Give Up Western Comforts and live in the Far East

How to Give Up Western Comforts and live in the Far East

If you’re planning on giving up your comfortable life in the western world in order to up sticks and move to the Far East, you’re sure to embark on one hell of a ride. Mysterious, beautiful, a total culture shock – these are just a few ways I would describe life in the Far East compared to what you’re probably used to back home. Of course, it’s a case of adjustment and over time it will become second nature, but at first, the idea of giving up home comforts can be a little daunting and take some getting used to.

If this sounds like your predicament, let me show you a few ways you can slowly adjust to your new life in the beautiful Far East.

Take a few home comforts with you

When you first go over, take a few of the things you love with you, to help the transition period. For instance, if you have a few trinkets from home that remind you of something, take them; if you have favourite foods you just don’t want to give up yet, take them too!

Ask people to bring things over when they visit

If you have friends or family coming over to visit you at some point, and you want some goodies from back home, ask if they will bring some for you, and you’ll buy them dinner or pay them when they arrive. I do this all the time!

See if there is an import shop nearby

Most places do have an import shop, or a store which is dedicated to foods from different places, especially if you’re moving to an area where there is a large ex-pat community. Seek it out and stock up!

The internet is your friend

If it’s TV back home you’re missing, you will probably be able to tune into some kind or website (legal of course), which will allow you to watch your favourite shows from your new home. You may have to pay a subscription, but it will be worth it.

Slowly adjust

Don’t expect to jump straight in and feel at home, because it will take time to get your head around the quite blatant differences. Make sure you give yourself time before you decide you don’t like it, or you start to wonder what you’ve done!

Visit first

I can tell you first hand just how different living somewhere is to visiting it on holiday, no matter how many times you go, so in order to settle in more effectively and cut out the missing of those home comforts, visit for a prolonged period of time before you take the big leap. This will help you settle in when you do move much quicker and easier.

Embrace it

Finally, embrace it! You’ve moved because you wanted a change, so embrace those differences and enjoy them for what they are.

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