Singapore’s Best Hawker Markets and what to Eat There

Singapore’s Best Hawker Markets and what to Eat There

Have you ever been to a Hawker market or centre? If you haven’t, then you must go, because you will be in for a serious treat! If you’re like me, and love your food, this is the best place to head to try something different, authentic, or downright weird, for pennies. You don’t want to spend a fortune if you’re not sure if you’re going to like something, so this is the ideal way to try without breaking the bank and having to sit and munch your way through a bowl of something you’re not really loving the taste of.

In Singapore they take their food very seriously, and why not, most of it is delicious! The great thing about a Hawker market, other than the low cost, is that you get a fusion mix, so something from all the neighbouring nations, and that adds up to a major taste explosion.

There are countless Hawker markets, and without guidance I’d be struggling to find the best, so consider this your guardian angel guide to the best hawker markets in Singapore. Go ahead, fill your boots!

Old Airport Road Hawker Centre

Sat in the Katong neighbourhood, this particular centre is an old one, dating back to 1973. Here you will find 168 stalls of delicious, mouth-watering dishes, including the famous beancurd stalls which always have a huge queue in front of them.

Chinatown Complex Food Centre

If you’re going to do something, do it right, and go to the largest Hawker market in the whole of Singapore. 260 stalls greet you here, including some amazing seafood options, such as chilli crab and BBQ stingray. If you fancy the more odd range of suggestions, then how about frog porridge?

Tiong Bahru Market Hawker Centre

Markets like these aren’t all about hustle and bustle, as this one is quite a modern affair, with sophisticated outdoor seating and large spacious areas, perfect for the first timer who isn’t quite used the sometimes packed atmosphere that may greet them. This particular centre is famed for having the best chwee kueh around.

Chomp Chomp Food Centre

I love the name of this particular one, which is a good enough reason to head there! Open until late, this is great for after a night out, and is famous for its many different types of satay dishes to make the mouth water, and then some.

Are you feeling hungry?

Photo Credit: Mac Qin

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