Why Sri Lanka Should be on Your List for 2015   

Why Sri Lanka Should be on Your List for 2015  

Deciding on a new and exciting destination to visit is a difficult task; I always find it hard to whittle down my choices to something that suits my needs and doesn’t disappoint my expectations, and I think this is why so many people continue to visit the same kinds of places throughout their lives, because they know what to expect, and know they’ll enjoy it.

With this in mind however, I don’t believe that’s the best way to see the world – how are you truly travelling and experiencing things if you’re constantly seeing the same kind of thing?

This is why I think you should be considering Sri Lanka for your next break.

Here’s a few reasons to further compound this thought.

Beautiful weather

Now, sunshine is a major plus wherever you go in the world, but when you combine that with blue skies, white sand, blue sea, and amazing green nature to check out all at the same time, you have to be onto a winner. Sri Lanka is beautiful during December to April.

Amazing temples

Sri Lanka is a predominantly Buddhist country, and the temples to go along with that are simply stunning, such as the Dambulla Cave Temple, or the Gangaramaya Temple, to name just two. You will find intricate architecture and peaceful surroundings perfect to explore and find out about customs, as well as the real way of life in Sri Lanka.

Generous and kind people

The people in Sri Lanka are eager to help tourists and travellers learn more about traditional Sri Lankan life, and will go out of their way to help. This hospitality is a major plus for visiting this beautiful island nation.

Nature with a capital N

Most Indian Ocean islands are about beaches, and whilst Sri Lanka certainly has some beautiful ones of those, it has more in the way of nature than most, making it a perfect choice for an active holiday in nature, and wildlife. The beautiful elephant sanctuary is a must visit, as well as trekking through the countryside and unearthing some mysteries of the area.

It’s cheap to get around

The bus service might be a little slow, i.e. it comes when it feels like it, but this is the general chilled out way of life in Sri Lanka; to counteract that however, it’s cheap. Cheap bus networks mean an easier way to get out and explore, meaning you get to see a lot for little money.

These are just a few reasons why I believe you should be heading to Sri Lanka this year. If you find yourself needing more in the way of persuasion, do a simple Google image search, and I guarantee you’ll be booking your flight there before you know it.

Photo Credit: POTIER Jean-Louis

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