Why you Should be Heading to Pai

Why you Should be Heading to Pai

Off the beaten track destinations are often much more rewarding in terms of history, culture, architecture, and experiences, and because these places are often more remote, they’re not as busy as the major touristic hubs. When it comes to Thailand, this is a country of rich and diverse customs, and they’re more evident than anywhere else in the northern parts of the country.

If you’re wanting to find somewhere that is easy to visit, but also full of mystery and intrigue, then I would highly recommend you head to Pai.

To pronounce this place, change the H in Hi, to P, literally like a pie! I guess you could loosely compare Pai to a pie, because it has many layers, and it has depth, a lot more than it originally seems. This is a small, mountainous town, but it’s growing year on year, so it’s a good idea to head there now, before the masses swoop in and steal some of its charm.

Pai is, as I’ve said, in the north of Thailand, near to the Myanmar Border. This is an authentic town, so I’d always recommend it as somewhere perfect for those who want to try a little of real Thailand, away from the neon-lit fun of Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Despite this, Pai does have a very vibrant nightlife scene, although it is a true mixture of tourists and locals, so you get a better sense of what the town is really about.

Pai isn’t a beach town, but the surrounding mountainous terrain is beautiful to explore, and I’d suggest you dedicate some of your time to doing just that; throw on your walking boots, hat, grab your mosquito repellent and a bottle of water, and have your own adventure!

If I need to give you more reasons to head to Pai, well, it’s a lazy way of life, which is great for escaping the big towns and cities. You’ll find natural activities to explore, quiet backstreet markets, as well as peaceful temples with intricate architecture. You’ll also find a thriving music and art scene, great for the hippies out there!

Heading away from the touristic part of Pai means little difference in the way of accommodation, as there are plenty of small guest houses all around the town, many family run, where you won’t have to lift a finger because your host will be more than willing to help you with anything you require.

Pai is a gem that is becoming shinier, mainly because it is becoming more well-known – beat the crowds and get there before everyone else.

Photo Credit: Mae Hong Song via photopin (license)

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